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› Oracle Technology Network: DeployPHP Series, Part 5 - Zend Core for Oracle Quick Start

Today on the Oracle Technology Network, there's an article from Matt Kern with a detailed look at getting the Zend Core for Oracle working on your installation.

Since the early days PHP has been able to talk to Oracle-but it wasn't easy. Deploying PHP with Oracle was complicated at best, requiring developers and administrators to find, download, compile, link and configure multiple applications and packages. Unfortunately, this fact was counterintuitive for PHP users, as PHP has always been known for rapid deployment and quick time to market, not cumbersome processes better left to the C curmudgeons.

Thanks to the latest collaborative effort between Oracle and Zend, those days are history. Zend Core for Oracle allows developers to install, deploy, and configure PHP and Oracle just about as quickly and painlessly as possible. In this final installment of the DeployPHP series, you'll learn how that process works.

He takes his time and even includes a "Benefits for You" and "Benefits for Bosses" section to get the ball rolling. From there, he installs Apache, then installs the Core (complete with its own text UI installer). From there, it's all just a matter of configuration - and, of course, there's a whole interface to makes changes to that as well.

I'm really impressed at how this Oracle/PHP integration has turned out. When I first read things about it, I thought it was just a replacement for the Oracle drivers that PHP was using - but it's that and much more...check it out!

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sandro groganz

› Celebrating 1 year @ eZ

Exactly one year ago, at November 16th 2004, I entered the doors of the eZ systems office in Skien/Norway and saw the shoes of my colleagues. In Norway, you always take off your shoes when entering a house and put on your slippers, so does the eZ crew in the headquarters.

Meanwhile, the shoes got removed from the entrance and are being piled somewhere else, out-of-sight for visiting customers. I am still at eZ systems and admit, that this is the coolest company I ever got to know. Just happy to work there!

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alberto mucignat

› Partnership con eZ systems

Momento di gaudio personale: da oggi la mia azienda è ufficialmente partner di eZ systems, l'azienda che sviluppa eZ publish. Per arrivarci ho passato del tempo a contatto con i norvegesi: ho così imparato a conoscerli e ad apprezzare la loro filosofia di community, che condivido appieno e spero di aiutare a sviluppare con il nostro lavoro.
È anche disponibile il comunicato stampa ufficiale (pdf).
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sandro groganz

› Colleagues showing their mountaines

End of October/beginning of November is the best hiking season here, so we went at Oct 30th to some mountains, about 1,5h from where I live. With my dear eZ colleagues Terje and Melissa, I exchanged some mountain pictures - isn't it nice to be in an international company?

Neunerköpfle (Tannheimer Tal), Austria

Neunerköpfle (Tannheimer Tal)/Austria

Santa Maria, Brazil

Melissa, in Santa Maria/Brazil

Close to Skien/Norway, where the eZ office is
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php developer

› Killersoft.com: Subversion Wrapper for Zend Studio 5

Clay from KillerSoft.com as submitted a note today about a wrapper he's come up with to fix an issue with the Zend Studio 5's support of subversion.

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the things about Zend Studio 5 that's been really irritating is the unnecessary use of, and escaping of, double quotes in Subversion commit messages triggered by Zend Studio 5.

The following little script fixes that behavior by dropping the opening and closing double quotes, and stripping slahses within the commit message, as they simply don't need to be there. The script is written with the Mac OS X environment in mind, so tweak as you need to if you're also experiencing this problem.

Using the script is as easy as copying it to the right place, making it executable, then pointing Studio's SVN "Path To" at the file. That's it!

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php developer

› PHPBuilder.com: Creating an Online Survey (Part 2)

PHPBuilder.com has published the second part in their "Creating an Online Survey" series, picking up right where part one left off.

Last time we set up our form, took the data from that form and emailed it to an email address of our choosing. This time we're going to take the same form data, put it in a database, read the total values and display them on a page.

They start out by giving all of the SQL that you'll need to make the corresponding database for the survey, and move quickly into dumping data into the table and displaying the results from the user's entries...

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php developer

› Ilia Alshanetsky's Blog: Frankfurt Conference

Ilia Alshanetsky has posted a new item on his blog today with a few parting notes about the International PHP Conference and links to his slides.

On my way home from the Frankfurt conference right now, according to the in-plane TV we are somewhere just south of Greenland at the moment.

I would like to thank the folks are Software & Support for inviting me to their conference, it is quite enjoyable, not to mention quite big, much larger then an average PHP con. I've yet again had the privilege to meet with many people with whom I've only conversed online and met good friends whom I have not seen since previous conferences.

And, of course, here's the links to his talks:

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php developer

› Wez Furlong's Blog: I've arrived at Forum PHP

On his blog today, Wez Furlong has this reminder (and an update that he's arrived) about the Forum PHP conference in Paris happening today and tomorrow.

While I'm here, I'll be giving my PDO talk and sitting in on a Q&A panel with the other PHP big wigs that are also here (Rasmus, Zeev, Andrei and Zak). After the conference itself, we'll be holding a meeting to hammer out some of the finer details for PHP 6.

This conference is so close to the International PHP Conference that attendees would either need to skip out on the last day there or miss the first day of the Forum PHP conference....

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tobias schlitt  eZ systems employee

› Life from the PHP Conference


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graham brookins

› eZ publish 3 : lynx along the way

I was looking today randomly through google and found a few interesting tidbits about eZ publish 3. Brookins Consulting is now listed in opensourcexperts.com as an eZ publish solutions provider. eZ publish Solutions Provider Index I also found an (as of yet unseen by me) eZ publish summer conference 2004 :: picture gallery An eZ publish 2.x site called [...]
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