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gabriel ambuehl

› AJAX Forum, Nested Forum

I added features for an AJAX threaded forum (think threading like in good old usenet readers) and nested layout (like on slashdot) to advancedforum. Obviously, nested/threaded only works for topics that actually are created as trees so retrofitting it on existing discussions will have it look flat like it always did.
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sandro groganz

› Planet eZ publish in the Making

It just got announced that a Planet eZ publish will be set up, aggregating RSS feeds from eZ publish bloggers and displaying them on the Web. Something just like the other planets for all the good FOSS software out there.

Post your RSS feed's URL in the forum, right where the Planet eZ publish announcement has been made, if you're an eZ blogger :)

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php developer

› DevShed.com: The Singleton and Factory Patterns in PHP - Building a Form Generator Class

In the final part of their "The Singleton and Factory Patterns in PHP" series, DevShed has posted this new tutorial on the creation of a form generator class using all of the previous code.

In this final part of the series, Alejandro Gervasio examines a point that he has not taking into consideration so far: that the layout of form elements plays a relevant role within the overall development process. With this in mind, he encapsulates the logic needed to generate web forms by defining a form generator class. This class will implement the form element factory along with all of the required form element classes.

He guides you through the rest of the methods not mentioned previously in the class and puts it "to the test" with a practical example. He finishes it off with the full code for the class all in one place to make grabbing and using it a simple experience...

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php developer

› Professional PHP Blog: Improving Web Application Installation as a Security Imperative

On the Professional PHP Blog today, there's this new post quickly talking about web application security.

It looks there is a Mambo worm out now. I read Hackers Hitting Popular Apps a couple of weeks ago and it mentioned that hackers are targeting PHP apps among other things. Dog bites man for some.

I've advocated better web application installation for a while, but as a usability issue. Increasingly, it is also a security issue. Just another example of why I think the PEAR installer is important. (and why I hope Zend PHP Framework is released on a PEAR channel.)

Most web app software, PHP or otherwise, hasn't exactly been known for it's great installation processes. Sure, there are a few that shine (i.e. Wordpress), but overall, it's a lot of hacking around and command-line tricks to get everything working. Maybe with the advent of the PEAR installer, things will change - it has the potential to expand to so much more than just PEAR...

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php developer

› CodeSnipers.com: HTML Helpers - Ruby Wannabes in PHP

On CodeSnipers.com today, there's a look at Nola's creation of HTML helpers based off of the same types of objects in Ruby.

I've gone back and forth on the idea of using ALL html generation functions to hammering it all out in a template like Smarty. Templates are nice, It sure is nice to use functions. I was looking at RoR and saw these HTML helper functions. I thought, hey I can write them in php. (Yeah to all you php hating ruby folks, this may be an effort in futility, but thinking how to implement some of these things in PHP helps me understand the concept, like my MVC articles).

Her examples include the creation of text fields, text areas, and opening/closing tags for a form. The two field functions also take in values and attributes to specify in the outputed HTML.

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graham brookins

› rss ¦ patch commited

I got the feedback on my patch I was looking for (see: here an here) Jan even caught my (I admit) somewhat intentional spacing implementation (confusing, over complicated) during his review of my (and other’s) qualms with eZ publish rss. Now it turns out I don’t have write access to trunk (thank god?) so I [...]
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php developer

› Killersoft.com: Coal and Switches in Zend's Stocking This Year

On the Killersoft blog - Random Strings today, there's this opposing look at some of the things that Zend's been doing - things that would get them "coal and switches in their stocking this year".

So here it is -- December. We've got a shiny new PHP 5.1.1, which as been anticipated for weeks, at least. We've also got a zippy new Firefox 1.5 release, another project whose release was fairly well telegraphed and expected for the last month.

And then we've got Zend Studio, a cornerstone of "The PHP Company". After upgrading to PHP 5.1.1 and Firefox 1.5 this week, I was been shocked to discover that Zend Studio 5 and the Zend Studio Firefox Plug-In are both in a state of rectal-cranial inversion: neither Zend Studio 5 or the Firefox Plug-In are expected to support PHP 5.1.1 or Firefox 1.5 until late December/early January.

He notes that the extension claims to work for all Firefoxes above 0.9 and the Studio software for all PHP versions above 5 - but they do neither. And, of course, when he reports these issues, what's the response? "Give us a month."

There's absolutely no excuse for this delay that can be considered acceptable for a company who claims to be "The PHP Company." Perhaps Santa will leave a clue under the tree for these guys.

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zak greant  eZ systems employee

› One of Mandy's patterns published in Knitty.com!

After over a year of being the knitty.com technical editor, Mandy finally found time and interest to publish one of her own patterns on knitty.com. (It is her first published pattern - I'm so proud! :)
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php developer

› Cyberlot's Blog: Using scalability to improve your PHP applications MySQL security Part 2

cyberlot has posted the second part in his "Using scalability to improve your PHP applications MySQL security" series today on his blog.

In this edition, he gives an example of extending PDO to use two seperate database connections.

Here is a quick example I threw together to extend PDO so you can use 2 seperate database connections.

This extends PDO and only connects to the database when the first query is run. This way if you never use the database connection no time is wasted trying to connect.

It's a pretty simple script, and even those that haven't gotten to mess much with PDO can give it a shot. Basically, you just don't call __construct when creating things. You have to create it with another function that's more configurable...

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graham brookins

› rss ¦ feed

Today I created a rss feed for the news section on Brookins Consulting. Then I started thinking that it might be simpler just to have a domain like rss.brookinsconsulting.com which provided a site’s rss content rather than a http://brookinsconsulting.com/rss, so I set one up, it is very slick Advertising studies show that more [...]
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